Get Rid of Annoying Spoilers Using This AI System


It is really annoying to see or hear spoilers about your favorite book, show, or movie that you have yet to watch. We commonly spot those pesky spoilers over the internet and social media. While there are many websites that inform readers of spoilers ahead of them, some websites don’t really do so. But the good thing is that IT experts have now developed a tool to help you get rid of those annoying spoilers.

AI-powered tech in fighting off spoilers

A study that was presented by scientists at the Association for Computational Linguistics devised a plan to innovate an artificial intelligence instrument to detect spoilers. It is called SpoilerNet. By theory, the researches would like to know how writers write these spoilers and the types of linguistic patterns and mutual knowledge identify an idea as a spoiler.

 This AI tool that they developed can be used to make an extension for browsers so that it can protect people against spoilers. The researchers searched for large groups of sentences that contain spoilers to coach and asses SpoilerNet’s reliability. However, they have found nothing. That is why they made their own dataset by compiling millions of book reviews that are marked spoilers by reviewers.

How reliable is SpoilerNet?

The researchers made use of 80% of the total number of reviews on Goodreads to train SpoilerNet. They have found out that the system can spot spoilers with an accuracy rate of up to 92%. They have also run SpoilerNet to around 16,000 single-sentence reviews of more than 800 TV shows. It was able to spot spoilers on TV shows with up to 80% accuracy. 

Spoilers can destroy your viewing and reading experience. That is why tools such as SpoilerNet is a really great help to movie or book franchise fans.