U.K. Car Industry Dying; JLR Still Holding its Breath


If the United Kingdom wants to protect its car industry, it must focus on producing car batteries. This is the warning given by the head of the Jaguar Land Rover (JLR).

Ralf Speth stressed that the recent breakdown of Britain Honda and Ford marked a dangerous precedent. This means that the country’s automobile industry is not stable, and lots of companies are now considering to transfer their operations.

Another cause of the problem is the impending Brexit deal that England is about to seal under its new prime minister. This deal will signal the total isolation of London from the belt of the European Union.

Despite all of these unfavorable circumstances, Speth said that the JLR would continue the push. The company wants to prove that the U.K is still one of the best places to manufacture cars.

While the JLR is willing to draw its resources, Speth admitted that it would not run long if the trend does not change. He highlighted the overwhelming influx of imported car batteries that gradually kills the local market. He said that this must be stopped immediately.  The UK is capable of coming up with its own batteries since its technology is on par with some of the best in the world. The problem is the support of the people to develop all the discoveries of the locals. He recalled one of the biggest mistakes made by the British when they failed to develop the lithium ion battery. In retrospect, this technology was crafted inside the portals of Oxford University. However, the Japanese made the best efforts to improve the said technology and commercialized it.

The JLR chief still hopes that the best is yet to come for the U.K. With the latest investment put by the JLR, he believes that the country will defeat its rivals again.