Cars On Fire


Volvo, a car brand which is known for their classy looks and durability, has recently issued a “recall” of all the cars which belong to a variety of their models which includes the V70, S80, and V90. 

Car recalls happen rarely and it only does when there is a dire need to pull out cars which may endanger life. Actions taken for recall are usually done through sending emails and contacting the clients who have bought the item falling within the defective models. Fortunately, up to date, there are no reported injuries or deaths caused by the car defects.

Cause For Volvo Car Recalls

As stated by a spokesperson of Volvo, the reason for the call is the possibility of igniting a fire while using the car.

The manufacturer has warned that the plastic parts used in the car engine are the primary cause. 

Engines, when powered-up, tend to get too hot which causes the plastic parts to melt and consequently result in ignition. The affected models are said to be those which have four-cylinder diesel engines from the year 2014-2019.

The Volvo spokesperson also indicated that the cars can still be used for driving if the owners wish to. However, car owners should continuously monitor for any symptoms and watch closely for changes in the engine warning light.

Recalled Cars

Many cars, due to the risk of catching fire, have already been recalled by the manufacturers.

70,000 cars were recalled from the United Kingdoms for actually catching fire.

Swedish-based Volvo also recalled more or less 30,000 vehicles ran by diesel and 235,000 Zafira vehicles were pulled-out in which 300 owners have claimed that their car has caught fire.

All-in-all more than 500,000 Volvo cars have been pulled out so far.

Despite being a giant brand, Volvo still has a flaw in their products. Consumers, regardless of the brand their car holds, should be very well aware of the many possibilities that could happen to their cars. In order to have a safe trip with your car, pay attention to your car and never forget to drive as safely as possible.