‘The Lead’ Focuses on Fashion and Retail Sectors This Year


Noah Gellman and Timo Weiland expressed their appreciation to the public as the number of attendees for this year’s ‘The Lead 2019 Innovation Conference’ significantly increased.

The founders of ‘The Lead’ seminar shared that they will be focusing more on the fashion and retail sector this year.

Held on July 9-10, this year’s conference gathered top-caliber retailers and businessmen to discuss measures on how to resolve the problems prompting the retail industry. 

According to Weiland, among the prominent personalities who joined the said confab are executives of Studio 189, Eileen Fisher, Rebag, Away, and other leading retail franchise.

The topics discussed in the seminar include ways to stand out in a congested market, product sustainability measures, and critical points about secondary market retail. 

Weiland admitted that this year’s seminar is an ‘improved’ one since they learned a lot of lessons during last year’s conference. Some of the things that they considered in plotting this year’s event include finding competent resource speakers, the relevance of the topics, and framing up the right approach of conversation.  He also highlighted the significant role of the community in promoting the fashion and retail business.

When asked how they evolved from their obviously ‘shaky’ conference last year, the designer said that they capitalize much on the resource speakers. Unlike before that they only hooked around 90 participants; this year is a different story. He said that the integrity and reputation of their speakers helped them drew 1,500 total of attendance.

Based on the result of the ‘The Lead Innovation, it was found out that people are now running for more personalized items.

Availability of products is also the main concern nowadays. Since a lot of portals are offering retail services, a customer can just anytime look for another supplier. The speakers highlighted that the only way to keep catching clients’ patronage is to ensure that they can grab an item, anytime, anywhere.